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Let's Get Started. Call 416-575-4776.

Let's Get Started. Call 416-575-4776.

Welcome Home

We know how important it is to feel at home.

We build homes that our customers are happy to come home to – we renovate them too. Inside and out, we take care of everything. From design to permits, inspections to project management, every home is built with quality materials, exceptional workmanship, and air-tight budgets.

And we know that great customer service is the foundation of any successful business.


Putting Revel Homes on the job from the start of a new project can have a huge impact on overall costs. If we’re involved from the design phase through to completion we have an opportunity to provide our clients with both our engineering expertise and great savings!


Revel Homes years of renovation experience can take your home to the next level. Our carpentry and millwork is second to none and has allowed us to make a name for ourselves in both the renovation and specialty markets. Revel home has the expertise to take care of renovations of all types and sizes.

Kitchen Renovations, Bathroom Renovations, Exterior Renos & Custom Carpentry are just some of the renovations we specialize in. We can also take care of wall removal if you’re looking to open a space up. Wall removal consists of structural and non structural alterations and beam installation to carry loads and disperse weight across the new opening.

Revel homes can conduct structural assessments and our team can carry out structural repairs as well. We’re your one stop renovation shop.

Let’s Get Started. Call 416-575-4776.

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Reasons to Select RevelHomes?

Here at RevelHomes we honestly take becoming a renovation contractor quite sincerely. We know that truly when clients are searching to obtain an efficient interior renovator in Oakville these people require the top. As a result we will struggle to really be the slickest renovation contractor we possibly can be throughout Ontario. It truly is our dedication to really being the standout that has earned us our substantial respect here with our valued patrons.

As an efficient interior renovator in Oakville we also invariably try to spend time to unravel every one of our consumers concerns with diligence and devoid of waiting. We without fail go to the trouble. We all really feel it is extremely critical to be sure that clientele feel really recognized and looked after.

Now there are usually not a lot of renovation contractor who hold the particular skills together with background to brand their business as a front runner for their sector. Merge that in with our high level of customer service and truly we really feel we are the perfect efficient interior renovator in Oakville in Ontario.

Just want to get moving?

Everthing gets going with a quick phone call.

Phone 416-575-4776.

We'll be happy to discuss all your renovation contractor questions in more detail over the telephone or perhaps via email if that works better for you personally. Beyond that we'll recommend the option that perfectly suits your current goals. Learn precisely why people do call us the very best efficient interior renovator in Oakville!

Even Now Need Prodding? All the Arguments Why RevelHomes is truly An Oakville Based Home Contractor

Devotion to Elite Excellence - A Contractor In Oakville and A Carpenter In Oakville

Our devotion to top quality is definitely quite substantial. In case you're trying to become an efficient interior renovator in Oakville or an efficient interior renovator in Oakville, there is certainly in fact no other choice but to really give it your absolute best to exceed expectations. When any given customer requires extra work, all of us offer that particular customer extra work. Nearly anything for us to be confident they will be pleased with us as a renovation contractor. Do not forget, we assistance virtually all of Ontario, and so please get in touch.

Perseverance - A Kitchen Renovator In Oakville and A Bathroom Renovator In Oakville

Our cherished customers have occasionally labeled us as an efficient interior renovator in Oakville, an efficient interior renovator in Oakville, an efficient interior renovator in Oakville and furthermore the perfect Ontario situated renovation contractor that could exist! This won't develop unless there's exceptionally hard labor along with dedication to your consumers plus the excellent quality inherent in your finished product. In case you are looking around to find an efficient interior renovator in Oakville, all of us honestly feel we are honestly the ideal choice. Simply call RevelHomes to speak about your situation immediately! 416-575-4776.

Skill - A Reno Company In Oakville and A Distinguished Kitchen Renovator In Oakville

With almost any field, expertise is usually a big ingredient in regards to end results. If perhaps you're searching for an efficient interior renovator in Oakville, well then this fact will be more true. With being a renovation contractor, we all can show you decisively that the final result is actually influenced simply by the practical experience of the organization you are contracting. The excessively substantial magnitude of working experience that RevelHomes has got being an efficient interior renovator in Oakville, is actually exactly why you actually should entrust us with your valuable patronage. If you're shopping to get an efficient interior renovator in Oakville, think of RevelHomes. Remember to talk to us all straightaway.

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We won't be out-priced. Try not to overpay just because you couldn't talk with all of us. Sure you were given an incredible price currently? Why not be positively guaranteed? Consult with us here. You could just simply see that we are in fact most suitable price. Lots of people have previously.

Choosing exactly which renovation contractor to retain is a crucial task. Otp for a knowledgeable plan. You ought to meet all of us with no commitments to check if all of us are in fact the optimal renovation contractor for your criteria.

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