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We know how important it is to feel at home.

We build homes that our customers are happy to come home to – we renovate them too. Inside and out, we take care of everything. From design to permits, inspections to project management, every home is built with quality materials, exceptional workmanship, and air-tight budgets.

And we know that great customer service is the foundation of any successful business.


Putting Revel Homes on the job from the start of a new project can have a huge impact on overall costs. If we’re involved from the design phase through to completion we have an opportunity to provide our clients with both our engineering expertise and great savings!


Revel Homes years of renovation experience can take your home to the next level. Our carpentry and millwork is second to none and has allowed us to make a name for ourselves in both the renovation and specialty markets. Revel home has the expertise to take care of renovations of all types and sizes.

Kitchen Renovations, Bathroom Renovations, Exterior Renos & Custom Carpentry are just some of the renovations we specialize in. We can also take care of wall removal if you’re looking to open a space up. Wall removal consists of structural and non structural alterations and beam installation to carry loads and disperse weight across the new opening.

Revel homes can conduct structural assessments and our team can carry out structural repairs as well. We’re your one stop renovation shop.

Let’s Get Started. Call 416-575-4776.

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Reasons to Consider Revel homes?

Around Revel homes we honestly take being a renovation contractor quite seriously. All of us understand that any time consumers are searching to obtain a spectacular Collingwood renovations Services they require the finest. Continuously we do struggle to truly be the best renovation contractor we possibly can be throughout Ontario. It's our resolve to absolutely staying the standout that has generated us all very substantial respect here with our patrons.

As a spectacular Collingwood renovations Services we all furthermore always try to take the time to unravel each of our buyers inquiries diligently and with absolutely no delay. We without fail make an effort. We think that it's very vital to make certain clients feel truly appreciated and also cared for.

Now there are truly not an excess of renovation contractor that hold the specific skill set together with track record to brand theirselves as being leader in their field. Merge that along with a superior level of client support and we truly feel we're absolutely the ideal spectacular Collingwood renovations Services in Ontario.

Looking to get moving?

Everthing starts with a quick phone call.

Phone 416-575-4776.

We'll be thrilled to discuss all your present renovation contractor needs thoroughly on the phone or via email if this is better for your needs. Beyond that we can easily recommend the choice that very best meets your present conditions. Discover exactly why folks describe us as the top spectacular Collingwood renovations Services!

Even Now Want Convincing? Additional Reasons Why Revel homes is actually A Barrie Based Home Contractor

Commitment to Top Quality - A Contractor In Callingwood and A Carpenter In The Blue Mountains

Our loyalty to good quality is definitely quite high. When you are looking to become a spectacular Collingwood renovations Services or a spectacular Collingwood renovations Services, there is seriously no other alternative but to give it your best possible in order to shine. When a specified purchaser calls for added effort, we all supply that consumer further care. Whatever's necessary for us to make sure they will be very pleased with us all as a renovation contractor. Just remember, we do work with almost all of Ontario, and so please call.

Determination - A Kitchen Renovator In Lake Simcoe and A Bathroom Renovator In Oakville

Our valued customers have often mentioned our team as a spectacular Collingwood renovations Services, a spectacular Collingwood renovations Services, a spectacular Collingwood renovations Services and the finest Ontario area renovation contractor that could exist! Honestly that will not occur without unbelievably hard labor and also investment in ones buyers plus the quality inherent within your finished work. If you'll be looking around for a spectacular Collingwood renovations Services, we truly feel that we are the perfect selection. Phone Revel homes to speak about what you need right away! 416-575-4776.

Skill - A Reno Company In Barrie and A Distinguished Kitchen Renovator In Oakville

Within almost any business, knowledge is really a principal factor when it comes to final results. When you may be wanting a spectacular Collingwood renovations Services, that can be much more accurate. As a renovation contractor, we will certainly explain to you in person how the final end result is driven by the past experience of the firm that you've been contracting. The very huge amount of past experience that Revel homes offers in being a spectacular Collingwood renovations Services, is certainly just why anyone must trust us with your valued business. If perhaps you happen to be browsing for a spectacular Collingwood renovations Services, believe in Revel homes. Definitely contact us straightaway.

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We hate to be be underpriced. No need to pay ridiculous costs because you didn't inquire with us all. Certain you were told an amazing quote now? Want to be utterly confident? Consult with us. You may just simply discover that we are in fact the better value. Countless people have before.

Deciding on just what renovation contractor to hire is a crucial challenge. Go with a thought out evaluation. You should consult us with actually zero obligation to determine yourself if all of us are the optimal renovation contractor for your requirements.

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