Jealousy In Marriage, Can It Be A Good Thing?

A common problem couples have to confront themselves on a regular basis is jealousy. Some partners have bouts of jealousy at some point, causing a considerable number of arguments, bitter reproach and pain.

Married couples are confronted with this type of problems, since people have a natural tendency of turning jealous at a certain point. The two partners might start a arguments just because of the attitude of the partners has had. Remember that the negative energy you have accumulated can be directed elsewhere than on your marriage, therefore it is highly important that you calm down and ease off the negative feelings.

Below you will find some consideration on how to ensure jealousy does not ensnare your marriage into an insidious trap.

Spend some time to study yourself. See if you feel any negative feelings towards your partners or if you have any criticism for him or her. If no, then put aside the jealousy and try to control it.

Being able to trust one another is one guaranteed antidote against jealousy. Because you know your partner well enough, you don't have to worry on what he or she is doing at the moment. Therefore, you won't experience any feelings of insecurity.

Is it really worth the time to consume your energy on worrying if you indeed trust one another?

For one thing, a little bit of jealousy might prove beneficial for a marriage, because it makes both partners stay connected to it and keep the fire burning. Provided that it doesn't extend to gargantuan proportions, jealousy can actually mean wanting to maintain a relationship and boiling down other negative feelings, such as the drive of possessiveness towards one another that might destroy the love you share.

While jealousy represents a perfectly natural feeling to be experiencing and is inscribed innately into human beings, you need to know what you are doing and be extremely careful about it. Jealousy represents a knife with two blades and the situation can immediately switch to something ugly if not properly controlled.

Focusing on these minds will make your jealousy gradually wane away and thus you will able to channel only positive feelings you hold for one another.

Keeping track of these feelings and eliminating them is another way to curb the effects of jealousy on your marriage. The outcome of some situations is extremely important if you want to ensure you will be able to direct this relationship for a long period of time. Therefore, if you feel you have missed something, take some time to think, go back and erase your mistake. Fear of failure or the memory of past wounds should not prevent from doing what you have to do at the moment. Emotions come from a variety of sources and it is best to fight for the love in your relationship.

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Bear in mind hat there are some types of jealousy not mentioned for example jealousy over the idea that you feel your partner is cheating on you. Maybe you are just seeing things that aren't there and perhaps it is best to cool down and think quietly. Addressing towards the root of problems of perception will mean that you are able to look over your impression and not go postal over it.

Also ask yourself of the kind of ordeal a partner would feel if confronted from such bouts of jealousy. Jealousy is rife among couples and it is known for causing rifts and separation between couples. Imagine yourself at the other end and how it would feel to be treated like that because you we're suspected of something you didn't do. What would be your reactions and thoughts?

Switching places, only if mentally at least, will ensure that you realize even better the extent of your actions and words and the fact that being jealous is in vain and there is no need to worry.

Moreover, by having a self-confident and powerful image of one's self you will be able to impede jealousy for even settling among your relationship. Low self-esteem is what generally causes partners to disrespectful to one another and act in an irrational way. Therefore, curbing such tendencies among your relationship will ensure that you are protected by these irrational acts.

And finally, learning how to take a risk and not be fearful over disappointment will make you feel better in your relationship. While loving and living with your partner, some things start to prove trivial and unnecessary and you will shortly realize that jealousy falls into this category. Being and spending time with your loved one is one thing you should cherish and not succumbing to the pains of jealousy and harsh, negative feelings will bring you wonderful days together.

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