How to: Homemade Vanilla Extract

During the holidays I tend to use a lot of vanilla flavoring for desserts or sweets, I use both beans and pure extract. Often you only use the seeds from the bean and what you have left is a bean full of flavor which goes to waste, like when I made the Homemade Marshmallows the other day. Why not use it to make some Homemade Vanilla Extract?

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What you need for this recipe: empty jar/bottle, vodka and vanilla beans (you don't really need the seeds as the bean is also full of flavor).

I like using clear jars as you can see how the color of the ingredients changes over time and becomes vanilla extract.

Place the beans into the jar and pour the vodka over them.This homemade extract is a great and easy to make homemade holiday gift.With a little decoration the jar becomes beautiful.

Homemade Vanilla Extract - recipe:

Prep time 10 mins

Total time 10 mins


  • 160 ml. vodka
  • 2 vanilla beans


  1. Measure 160 ml. of vodka and pour it into a jar/bottle of choice.
  2. Take two vanilla beans, cut them length wise, remove the seeds and add them to the jar/container along with the vanilla beans.
  3. Close the jar/container and shake well.
  4. The vanilla extract will be ready to use after 5 weeks.

Enjoy your Homemade Vanilla Extract.

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