Cookbook Review: Better Homes and Gardens Mexican Cookbook

Better Homes and Gardens Magazine was founded in 1922 and published by The Meredith Corporation, who to this day publish Better Homes and Gardens magazine and cookbooks. Through the years it has covered interests such as decorating, gardening, cooking, crafts and entertaining. In 1930 Better Homes and Gardens came out with their first cookbook the Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook. In 1979 I purchased my very first cookbook and that was the Better Homes and Gardens Mexican Cookbook . It is a first edition published in 1977. My love of mexican food was at an all time high so I was thrilled with it.

The Review:

This book is a hardcover which I like because they seem to last a little longer than the others for me. It consist of 96 pages which are full of needed information and recipes. One of the best things about this cookbook is the full page color photos, which features many of the recipes inside. I like to have pictures in my cookbooks so I can reference what I am cooking with the finished product. At the time I purchased this cookbook everything I cooked was made from scratch so it was great. (times they are a changin')

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I have tried a few of therecipes like Salsa de Chile Rojo, Frijoles Refritos, Tostada Compuesta, Enchiladas de Pollo y Queso and Mole de Olla and each one turned out pretty good. Some had a little more heat than I prefer but that can be easily fixed. Today I made my version of Jalapenos Rellenos. I left out the pimentos and added some more cheese but they turned out hot, spicey and delicious. Makes a great appetizer!

The book also contains a glossary for people like me who are not up on their Spanish and like to know what they are eating. Did you know panucho is a stuffed, fried tortilla?

Although everything from this cookbook is made from scratch the recipes are easy to follow, however some are time consuming. I do love the colorful photos and everything I have tried so far have come out great. So I would have to ratetheBetter Homes and Gardens Mexican Cook Booka Tasty!

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