3 Reasons Why It's Important to Charge for Your Services

Whether you are a tarot reader, a psychic, a medium, a toe-reader, a palm reader or whatever healing modality you provide, it is important to charge for your services. There seems to be a preconceived notion that if you are a healer or a metaphysical practitioner of any kind that you should be giving your services away for free. And if you ARE charging that somehow you are not authentic or that you aren't truly doing the work of the Universe.

Becoming a healer, a reader or a metaphysical practitioner does not automatically mean that you have dedicated your life to servitude. Nor does it mean that we should be treated like servants to the rest of the population. It's a career path just like any other and needs to be respected and honored as such.

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However, the notion that you are fake or a rip-off artist because you charge is still present. So, as part of our field we have to stave off the bad press by being honorable and true to ourselves. Part of that process is learning that helping people does not mean that you have to give yourself over to poverty. There can be a balance between giving and receiving even it is in the form of dollar bills.

1. You Are Worth It.

YES. This is the major reason right here. If you don't believe me, go to a mirror, look at yourself straight in the eyes, and announce, "I AM WORTH IT!" It may not resonate with you the first time but if you keep facing yourself and proclaiming it eventually it will sink in. It's funny how once you find self-worth everything in your life shifts.

How much do you value your gifts? That is what your price reflects in the eyes of your clients. When you don't charge or charge very little your clients automatically make the assumption that either you aren't very good or that you don't have any faith in your abilities or that you don't trust yourself. The kinds of client that you attract are going to directly mirror the very beliefs you have about yourself.

So, you will find that your clients will continually ask for free readings or ask for discounts, blame you for things that go wrong in their life, and treat you as if you are there at their beck and call. Here and there you will receive the gracious client who really didn't have the money and is truly searching for guidance. But that will be few and far between because like always attracts like.

The point here is to make sure that you understand the importance of your self-worth. If you are struggling with self-acceptance then take that awareness and do the work. Figure out why you have these feelings about yourself and then dismantle the beast inside your head. It will take time and it will probably be the hardest thing that you ever have to do in your life time. However, you will notice that your client base starts to shift the more you project self-worth. You will find that people will have no problem paying you what you deserve.

2. You're Time Is Money

This is the basis of all jobs, really. Before you sit down at a desk or get behind the cash register what's the first thing you do? You punch into a time clock system. You are quite literally paid for the time that you are in the building doing your job.

There is no difference between going into work or taking a reading over the phone or doing a toe reading. When you walk into work you have an expectation to that you are there for the paycheck. That your time is worth the paycheck you get at the end of the two weeks. When you do a reading or service you need to have that same expectation.

Now, I am already hearing the criticism chatter going on in the back of your head. You are probably thinking that what I just wrote somehow devalues the essence of what the metaphysical arts are about. Most likely you we're called to do readings because of a intuitive or psychic gift that you have shaped and honed. That doing readings or metaphysical services are part of your spiritual path so it needs to be aligned with your true soul purpose. By treating it like punching into a clock or turning it into something that relates to dollar bills somehow cheapens it or makes it immoral or wrong.

I am her to counter that thought process by explaining that there is no reason your spiritual path and your career cannot integrate into one beautiful package. Do you think the Universe who gave those wonderful gifts wants you to suffer for them? Or do you think that they gave them to you to facilitate the soul journeys of others? You most likely will pick the second one.

Here is the thing about soul journeys. The person who wants assistance needs to seek it out when the timing is right. You are guided when you want to be guided, plain and simple. A price tag is merely a barrier for those who do not want to be guided. Those who truly desire your assistance and who truly respect your services will be willing to pay the price. Those who aren't ready won't. Really, all you are doing is keeping those who aren't ready and who will inevitably bring your frustration at bay.

You are working with the dynamics of the Universe not against it. So, there is no reason that you can't see your time with a client as punching into a time clock. It doesn't need to have a negative connotation. Think of it as a blessing that you are able to love every minute of your work and get paid what you deserve.

3. It's an Energy Exchange

Being a tarot reader, psychic, or metaphysical practitioner of any kind is really hard work. I have been told that when I do readings that it seems effortless. Yes, it probably does seem effortless but that's because I have done a lot of work to make it look that way. I am constantly having to deal with my own life issues, meditating, clearing my chakras, modifying my diet, attending classes and teleseminars, reading and researching on my career.

Luckily, my life path and my career are in alignment but it wasn't always that way and it has taken a good deal of preparation to make a reading seem effortless. You have probably done a lot of work too and have had to continually be present and aware to keep your practice aligned with your spiritual values. And though you probably do it mostly for yourself much of that effort affects the way you read or perform a service. One cannot work exclusively without the other. It's a transfer of energy. Your hyper-awareness directly relates to how you perform your service. That is an equal energy exchange.

The same thing applies to readings or any service. You are giving of your time and energy and the money you receive balances out the exchange. There has be an even exchange of giving and receiving. If not, then one side becomes unbalanced. Being the practitioner that unbalance usually falls on you. If not taken care of properly it can turn into a drain on your energy system. It can lead to feelings of being unworthy or resentment, energy blocks, and even manifest as disease in your body. None of these are a good thing. You should never have suffer for the sake of others unless it is a conscious choice acted out of compassion.

So, it's really important that your self worth aligns with your pricing so that you can have an even and balanced exchange of giving and receiving. If not, then you are giving out the wrong message to the Universe. Like I stated before you will get back what you project and nobody likes unruly clients.

That being said, there is a place for donating your time. You can find ways to give out free services as long as your intention is positively aligned with the giving of energy. For instance, once a month on my radio show I give out free readings. It makes me feel good and it gives people who can't afford a reading a chance to get one. My feeling good is my payment for giving out those free readings. I do it with love and compassion and it feels me up with good energy. In my mind it's an even exchange of energy. Both parties are benefiting from the energy transaction.

That is the key, it has to be an even exchange.

So, get out there and start charging for those service and do it with love and positive intentions. You will feel a sense of success as you realize that you can be a spiritual person and make a good living doing what you love.

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