6 Top Running Tips That Will BOOST Your Running Performance

Running requires the body to work in repetition i.e. It cycles through a movement over and over again.

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Repetition of any particular movement will eventually cause the muscles being used to tighten up and fatigue. For example: If you traveled up a flight of stairs 100 times you would obviously feel tight in the leg muscles being used.

In order to delay the onset of muscle tightness when running we advise that you stretch daily, immediately before your run and also immediately after your run.

Here are a list of some TOP stretches you should includeclick HERE for your FREE Stretching VIDEO:

Calf Stretch

Hamstring Stretch

Quadracept Stretch

Hip stretch

Glute Stretch

Chest Stretch

Neck Stretches


Your body NEEDS water (H20) for normal bodily functions.

Your body has an even greater demand for water when you are working at high intensities.

When running you will lose water through: energy production and sweat evaporation.

The issue arises when we consider the time it takes to hydrate. It does NOT happen instantly!

TIP: Make sure you hydrate the day/night prior to your attempt to run. For long runs you may need small intakes of water to keep going during. Try not to scull your water immediately before or during your run as this can lead to you feeling bloated and heavy and even needing to go to the toilet! . Unfortunately we are speaking from experience!


Have you ever felt like you have lost all your energy before your run is over?

A lot of energy could be getting wasted by your running technique!

In particular, ensure you relax your shoulders and arms. This will assist in reducing a lot of the tension that many people experience through the neck. This will also save you a lot of needed energy for your run.


Oxygen is another crucial element to determine your running efficiency. The more you can take in per breath, the more efficient you will run.

How Do You Breath? .

Next time you are running ask yourself, am I:

- Taking short sharp breaths that feel like they are coming from my uper chest?


- Taking Deep Long Breaths that feel like they are coming from my diaphragm?

Ideally you want your breathing to be initiated by your diaphragm rather than the muscles around your ribs and chest.To improve this you need to consider maybe trying a Yoga or Pilates class where they will assist you in proper breathing techniques.

In a nut shell, you can practice correct breathing by lying on your back, placing your palms across your belly. As you breath in deeply through your nose allow your belly to lift and in a sense 'fill up'. As you breath out through your mouth allow your belly to depress back to normal.


It's very common to suffer from aches, pains, blisters and cramps in your feet when attempting long distance running. Reducing and preventing this will drastically improve your performance and endurance.

1) Make sure you have had a postural assessment completed by a professional they can highlight any postural corrections required and can advise you in the right direction

2) Check that you are wearing the right footwear for your feet. Are your runners still in good condition? Have your runners been fitted for size by a professional?

3) Make sure you wear thin DriFit socks. This fabric won't rub and will reduce your chances of getting blisters.


Like anything that you wish to achieve, it is going to take HARD WORK, PRACTICE and COMMITMENT.

It's crucial that you stay motivated and consistent when training to run and when implementing these 6 TOP TIPS! If you choose to NOT be consistent then the benefits will be short lived.

Now make sure you DON'T forget TIP#6! It is the MOST crucial for your success.


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