Video Poker Strategies

Video Poker is considered as one of the most popular casinos games to have ever been introduced. It is fast-paced and requires a certain level of intellect that is particularly appealing to people who wants the extra challenge and substance in gaming. Video poker is a type of Poker variation that uses five cards as part of the draw. What is striking about the game is that as opposed to other casino games, video poker grants rewards to strategy rather than letting the players win by random luck. The game allows players to decide whether they should get rid of the cards or hold onto a certain hand. The subsequent sections provide some of the more useful strategies in video poker. Read on and find out the best strategies in playing some of the variation of video poker.

The odds

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The odds for a given hand depend on the game and how the player plays that game. Nonetheless, in general, house edge is pretty small in almost every video poker game. In some cases, the edge may just simply be 0%. The only time the video poker games acquires a considerable edge over the player is when the person use the wrong strategy or the strategy only allows for minimum winnings. Simply put, unless the player thoroughly understands the game and know how to employ the right strategy, money will simply be lost. Each video poker game offers a certain chance for players to maximize their winnings. That is, whether the player wins or loses depends on how well they can execute their strategy.

Jacks or better

Determining the right strategy means understanding how the game works. For instance, Jacks or Better Video Poker is considered as the most popular and fundamental type of video poker. In order to win, the player has to get a pair of Jacks or higher ranking cards/hand. As the quality of the hand increases, the player also gets a higher chance to get a large payout. Payout also depends on the number of credits wagered. Scales for the payout may differ depending on the machine to use. Further, the payout scale for a video poker variation also relies on the payouts ration between the Flush and Full House hands. Usually, detailed payout charts are available in Jacks or better machines especially the Full Play editions. The chart is referred to as 9/6. As mentioned, the payout is called as such because payout for the Full House is 9x the original wager whereas it's around 6x for the Flush. The resulting ratio for the Full House and Flush is 9/6 thus the name of the chart. The chart provides a very useful hint on whether the machine is giving the right odds for play. The schedule for the 9/6 serves as the basis for most of the strategies devised for Jacks or Better. However, players should note that there have been a lot of charts released. If the player is not very careful they can get extremely confused with all the different types of charts out today. Thus, players have to choose wisely where to base their strategy. Its best to read up on the matter first to gain a better understanding on what charts serve as good reference.

Six Primary Starting Hands

Strategies for the Jacks or Better are often based on identifying the card combinations that the player has as initial hand. The initial hand can help the player gain the best opportunity to get a high or if not the highest paying combination. The following guide offers information on the strongest hand down to the weakest hand a player can get in Jacks or Better. Players should take the time tor review such hands taking note how to look for them, how they can be achieved and how they can give the best winnings.

Two Pair or Better

In playing Jacks or Better, players should first determine whether their hand qualifies or not for the payout. As the name implies, the hand should have at least a pair of Jacks or better. If the player comes across any of the required hands such as the Two Pair, Flush, Three of a Kind, Four of a Kind, Full House, Royal Flush or Straight Flush, they qualify. The starting should hold such portions prior to redrawing.

Pay Pair

Another thing that players should take note of is that payout qualifying listing known as the B. Pay Fair. This is considered as the second most favorable thing that can happen in a video poker game. In this case, players have to get Pay Pairs to increase their odds at winning. The Pay Pairs include: Aces, Jacks, Queens or Kings. Then again, if the other hand still has the Two or Better pair then it would be best to use such pair. Often, pay pairs provide relative advantage following the redraw.

Non-Pay Fair

As the order goes, the third most favorable thing to happen in the game is to an initial hand containing Non-Paying Fairs. Pairs under such category include: 2s up to the 10s. Take note that despite getting paired, such cards don't qualify yet for the payout. This is because the cards are ranked lower compared to Jacks. Nonetheless, if the player is able to improve the kind with two-pair or three-of-a-kind, then the resulting hand can qualify for the payout.

There are many other types of strategies that can be used in playing video poker. Often, these strategies seek to provide the most fundamental knowledge to help players understand how they should play the game and what to accomplish. Depending on the video poker variation, the game play may have to be changed to match the rules and mechanics. Goals may also change because requirements may be slightly different. Nonetheless, the most fundamental of all strategies is to learn and understand the ins and outs of the game. If the player is extremely familiar with how the play works then spot on strategy should be no problem.

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